Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping… One word… CRAZY! I literally shopped until I dropped from Thanksgiving night to yesterday night. So when I got home from all that shopping I passed out! Black Friday shopping is a tradition with the women in my family and I’ve been enjoying it since I was a little girl which is something that will never change about me.

My goal for Black Friday was shopping for myself and buying Christmas gifts but I did far more shopping for myself than anybody else… Ooops! I considered Black Friday to be a success because I got so many clothes for excellent prices! I don’t know about anybody else but I love seeing how much I save at the end of receipts! All in all I truly enjoyed Black Friday!





Happy Thanksgiving! So in honor of Thanksgiving I’ll be doing a list of what I’m most thankful for…

1. Parents: My parents are simply EVERYTHING! They are my biggest supporters and motivators and I can count on them no matter what. I am most appreciative for the many life lessons they have taught me and because of my amazing upbringing I am the young woman that I am today.

2. Family/Friends: Family is always there no matter. I only have close friends whom I’ve known for most of my life and most importantly they are always genuinely happy for me when amazing things happen in my life.

3. Growth: I am truly thankful for the growth that I’ve seen in myself in the last year and how God is continually working through me so I can be the person that he has destined me to be.



Welcome to The Always Fabulous!

Welcome to The Always Fabulous blog! My name is MaRae Fleming and I am a young woman who loves everything about fashion. I created this blog for everyday people who love fashion while giving them a look into many other random things that I love as well. Image