Prints and patterned tights…

Prints and patterned tights? Together… YES YES YES!!!! I loveeeeeee prints and patterned tights! I love the cold weather only because I’m obsessed with patterned tights and they really make outfits come to life. Patterned tights completely transform a once simple outfit to something spectacular. So, prints and patterned tights can be paired together but only if it is done correctly. Pairing prints together can be tricky sometime but it can definitely be done.


I paired this super cute printed dress with a pair of my favorite patterned tights while adding a pop to the ensemble by pairing it with blue accessories. The statement necklace that I am wearing is one of my absolute favorites and I wear it a lot because it goes with so many things. The skinny belt is also one of my favorite pieces as well. This entire look was under $25 (not including the riding boots)! I create fabulous looks while being on a budget! I’m rocking my favorite red lip too LOL!



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