Best Friends Edition… Monique

Meet Monique…

My partner in crime… cousin…sister…best friend… Yup, she’s EVERYTHING! Monique and I have been like peanut butter and jelly all of our lives. If you see one you see the other! We’re never too far away from each other LOL. Our bond is unbreakable. No matter what trials life brings she’s always there with encouraging words, laughs (ALL THE TIME), and telling me what I need to hear instead of what I want to hear. I consider us twins because we can read each others minds without even saying anything or we can look at each other and we automatically know what the other is thinking. We’re definitely kindred spirits. Her kind heart and willingness to help others is what makes her such an incredible person. I’m truly grateful for our bond because it’s never changed nor will it ever.


She is CRAZY TALENTED with hair, fashion, and make-up so definitely be on the lookout for her because she’s going to be famous and killing the game in the near future. What I love about her the most is how she is constantly working to perfect her craft even more. She’s striving to be the best and she will because she is dedicated to what she loves. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for her because I am certain that it is going to be amazing!


Also, her hair is ALWAYS everything! In the picture below she is definitely giving Chaka Khan! She livessssss for big and fabulous hair LOL!




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