Purses and Handbags…

I am absolutely obsessed with purses or handbags! Of course I like designer handbags and I have a lot of them but some of my favorite purses have been found a various places such as thrift stores and boutiques. I consider a purse or a handbag to be one of the best accessories to an outfit because they enhance the look. Some women aren’t big on purses so they choose an alternative to them which is a wristlet and they are just as fabulous. Often times when I am going out to huge events such a concert or just recently while I’ve been Christmas shopping I carried one because they make things so so so so much easier.


This orange and brown bag is one of my absolute favorites! I wear this bag with anything from a sassy outfit to running errands this bag is one of my go-to handbags.


I love my leather Michael Kors handbag because it goes with anything and it is very classy. Also, the little cutie in the picture with me is my little cousin Laylah 🙂 That’s my baby!

A little history…

From the ancient beaded bags of African priests to the haute couture tote of the modern lady of leisure, handbags have historically been both the carriers of secrets and the signifiers of power, status, and beauty. As the keepers of the equipment of daily life, handbags have been strongly influenced by technological and societal changes, such as the development of money, jewelry, transportation, cosmetics, cell phones, and the role of women in society.



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