Update: No Shopping Challege…


In my post  Operation: No Shopping Challenge I talked about how I was on a challenge to not do any shopping for a period of time but needless to say I didn’t pass this challenge after this weekend. Sooooooooo… I was doing good with my “No Shopping Challenge” until last weekend when my mom and I were running errands last Saturday. I knew at some point during that day we were going to end up shopping so I thought to myself “MaRae, remember that you’re during this no shopping challenge so you will not buy anything” but I failed miserably! I ended up buying myself not one but a couple of items including a pair of shoes… I couldn’t believe I did it! I held out for so long then I couldn’t resist temptation. I am proud of myself for going without shopping as long as I did though. I’m pretty sure that I could have held out until the specific date that I gave myself but I’m not beating myself up about it. Usually when I set goals for myself I usually reach them but I will not make a big deal because I didn’t reach this one. Yes, I love shopping and I always will so there is nothing wrong with  me shopping a lot because I know how to spend wisely and be fabulous on a budget! So will I try this challenge again? Probably not but I’m glad that I did try it!


Prints and stripes!

I am a firm believer in mixing prints! Yes, mixing prints can really work but only if it is done correctly. So ditch the “no polka dots and stripes” rule and get creative with your wardrobe! Mixing prints is fun and it is great way to mix several pieces together to make new outfits without buying anything.

In the picture below my cousin Monique mixed prints by pairing a floral blazer and a simple striped shirt together. To complete this look she wore jeans and a pair of combat boots which totally complimented the look. She nailed this outfit! I love this picture of Monique! We were joking around as usual when I took this picture!




As usual she’s being silly!

My little Laylah!


We were shopping on this particular day…

Yesterday was my little Laylah’s ninth birthday! I remember nine years ago my parents woke me up for school and they told me that my big sister had went into labor and needless to say that was the best news ever to wake up to. That entire day in school the only thing that I could think about was getting to the hospital and finally seeing her. Later that evening I was so happy when I went to the hospital and I finally got to see her. She’s been my little baby ever since! She’s my little mini-me!

Laylah is smart, loving, and we share a special bond that will last forever. I’ve seen her grow up from the cutest little baby to a beautiful little girl. We always have fun together whether she is spending the night at my house, babysitting her, or she’s helping me pick outfits. When she helps me pick outfits her favorite thing to tell me is “MaRae ohhhhhh that’s cute!, Can you buy me an outfit like that?, and Ummmhh that might be a little short so you can’t wear that!” LOL. She is full of personality honey! I love my little Laylah so much!


After I took this picture she told me “MaRae put this picture on Instagram” LOL


Easter Sunday!


In this picture she has a pair of my heels on!


She stays camera ready!


Posing for the camera as always!

My blog has won two awards!



OMG! OMG! OMG! My blog has been awarded two awards! The awards are the Sunshine Award and the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I am truly honred and excited to have received these awards and it really means a lot. I am beyond thrilled about this! In order to receive these awards I must do a few things… 

The rules for the Sunshine Award:

First, I must thank the person who nominated me…

I would like to thank Cherese from Afrophire for nominating me for this award. I love her natural hair blog! Not only does she have a fabulous natural hair blog that offers her readers  but she has a wonderful spirit as well. Be sure to check out her blog because you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Second, I must share ten things about myself:

1. My name is MaRae and I am 19 years old!

2. I’m an only child. Yes, I’m spoiled rotten! LOL.  I love being an only child mainly because I have many cousins who are close to me like sisters and brothers. So needless to say I didn’t miss out on having siblings.

3. I totally love my life! I have a fabulous life because I have so many things to be thankful for and I’m grateful that God continues to bless me each and every day.

4. My favorite word is fabulous! I love the word so much that the people who love me the most call me “Fabulous MaRae” LOL.

5. I love shopping! I actually consider it to be my hobby and no one can tell me differently! Ever since I was a little girl my favorite pastime was going out shopping with my mom and my Aunt Glenda. It has been a tradition and to this day shopping is my favorite bonding time with them. They are my best friends so whenever I spend time with them I always enjoy it.

6. FASHION. I absolutely love it! My love for fashion is one of the main reasons that I started my blog. Fashion is just so much fun.

7. I’m a sophomore in college and I attend Old Dominion University. I am a Professional Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations and I have a minor in Marketing. I want to be a entertainment news anchor or a fashion journalist so one day you will definitely be seeing me on your TV or reading my work in various magazines!

8. I have natural hair and I absolutely love it! I’ve been natural for two years and I have loved my natural hair journey. The one thing that I love the most about natural hair is the versatility!

 9. I love reading! I am completely obsessed with reading. I am ALWAYS reading! A lot of times I am reading more than one book at the same time LOL. I loved reading so much as a child that Barnes & Nobles was my favorite store. My parents would take me every week to get new a book. 

10. I was once a brace face! I wore braces for  four years and I finally got them off this past August. I loved wearing braces and now I have perfect teeth!

Third, I must nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere”. The nominees are…

1. Yours Truly Mia

2. How Do I Wear This

3. My Soapbox Moment

4. Afrophire

5. The Jolly MOMents

6. Fashion du Jour

7. The Hodge Podge Files

8. Chioma’s Evolution of Style

9. Niketyi

10. Styled Chic

Here are the rules for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

I must thank the person who nominated me:

I would like to thank Cherese from Afrophire for nominating me for this award! This fabulous lady nominated me for both awards! Thank you so much Cherese!

I must share seven things about me: See my fabulous list above!

I must nominate seven blogs that I follow and love. The nominees are…

1. Yours Truly Mia

2. How Do I Wear This

3. My Soapbox Moment

4. Afrophire

5. Fashion du Jour

6. Niketyi

7. Styled Chic

That concludes my award acceptance! I want to thank all of you for following my blog. I really do appreciate and love all of you! It means a lot that so many of you visit my blog every day to read my posts. I love blogging and I look forward to all of the fabulous things The Always Fabulous has in store for all of you! 



Riding boots…

During the fall and winter riding boots are a MUST! Riding boots are staple shoes that will never go out of style. Riding boots are essential with jeans, dresses, skirts, tunics, and everything else in your closest! They are my go to shoes during the cold weather because they are so versatile and they super comfortable. Riding boots will always be a perfect 10 no matter what!

In the picture below I paired my riding boots with a printed dress…


Here’s a few other ways to wear riding boots…



Both of the outfits above are both simple but fabulous ways to wear riding boots. Get yourself a pair of riding boots and rock them out!


Colored jeans and denim…


When in doubt go with a pair of colored jeans! Why? They are stylish and with the pop of color they turn a simple outfit into a fabulous outfit. Denim will never out of style because it is such a classic. Colored jeans and denim… YES YES YES! The two put together is one of my favorite things to wear ever.

Monique styled a pair of purple colored jeans along with a printed denim shirt and this look was definitely a hit! To add some spunk to the outfit she added one of her favorite printed scarves and a pair of Steve Madden loafers. This outfit is perfect for class as well as a day out with friends.

Give colored jeans and denim a try!


How I dress for class…


As a college student the way I dress usually depends on how I’m feeling in the morning although I always want to look presentable and stylish. But there has been a few occasions where I have just thrown on something because I simply wasn’t feeling it LOL. For the most part I am dressed in cute, comfortable, and casual outfits when I have class.

In the picture above I decided to wear a pullover shirt, jeans and a simple jacket along with my favorite pair of flats. This particular morning I didn’t already have my outfit picked out the night before so needless to say I just put on the first things that I spotted in my closet and went with it. I added one of my favorite scarves which is one of my go to accessories for the winter. This outfit is simple and cute while not being overdressed for class.

Photo creds go to my cousin/roomie Monique who you will definitely be seeing in future posts!