Organizing jewelry…


Often times as ladies we have so much jewelry that we just have it in one common space and we don’t really have it organized! When it comes down to figuring out what accessories to wear with outfits and can be a little frustrating when you can’t find the perfect ones. That hassle and headache can be changed if you take the time to organize it so when you are looking for your jewelry you actually see all of your accessories. I have once been guilty of having all of my jewelry a complete mess but after several times of getting highly annoyed when I was in a rush or just simply not being able to find the exact piece of jewelry I was looking for I had to do something about it. Finally I decided enough was enough so I organized my jewelry!

In the picture above I have some of my earrings and my statement necklaces on organizers and it has made my life sooooo much easier! No more hassle! I have that jewelry displayed on my dresser so it is very accessible. I also organized my other jewelry in a clear organizer set that has multiple sections to it and my dresser has built in jewelry drawers so all my jewelry is kept neat.

Organize your jewelry and trust me you will appreciate it!



2 thoughts on “Organizing jewelry…

  1. Afrophire says:

    This is very nice and neat! I’ve been trying to organize my jewelry for years and still haven’t gotten around to it. I really want a jewelry armoire with a mirror, but those cost a pretty penny. One day I will be on your jewelry organization level 🙂

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