The 1st day of spring semester!


So today is my first day of spring semester… YAY! Okay, no I’m not really excited that my Christmas break is over but I digress LOL. So to all of you starting a new semester today…

1. Work hard: Remember that in order to receive the good grades and GPA that you want you must put in work! If you work hard your grades will reflect that.

2. Don’t procrastinate: Yes, I am guilty of procrastinating to the very last minute and I am finally changing that. Get your work done ahead of time so that you do not have to be freaking out at the last minute!

3. Have fun: Yes, the golden ticket of college is receiving your degree at the end but there is NOTHING wrong with having fun while you are in college. Have fun in college while you are getting your work done and making memories!

Have a fabulous first day of your spring semester! 🙂

Also, I will be posting my first day outfit a little later so be on the look out!


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