Blessings Jar…

So I was on Instagram the other day and I came across something called a Blessings Jar. The Blessings Jar was created by the one and only Karen Civil whom is a hip hop blogger and is the ultimate definition of a woman who is running the world by working religiously to have the fabulous career that she has now.

The blessings jar consists of writing down all of your blessings throughout the year and at the end of the year you take them out and read them. This is a great idea because it is all about you and it reminds you not to forget the amazing blessings that you receive throughout the year and to be grateful for them. It also reminds you to keep pushing and persevering through life when trials and tribulations come your way.

I absolutely LOVE this! I am starting my own Blessings Jar and I challenge all of you to do the same!



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