How I dress for class…


As a college student the way I dress usually depends on how I’m feeling in the morning although I always want to look presentable and stylish. But there has been a few occasions where I have just thrown on something because I simply wasn’t feeling it LOL. For the most part I am dressed in cute, comfortable, and casual outfits when I have class.

In the picture above I decided to wear a pullover shirt, jeans and a simple jacket along with my favorite pair of flats. This particular morning I didn’t already have my outfit picked out the night before so needless to say I just put on the first things that I spotted in my closet and went with it. I added one of my favorite scarves which is one of my go to accessories for the winter. This outfit is simple and cute while not being overdressed for class.

Photo creds go to my cousin/roomie Monique who you will definitely be seeing in future posts!



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