My little Laylah!


We were shopping on this particular day…

Yesterday was my little Laylah’s ninth birthday! I remember nine years ago my parents woke me up for school and they told me that my big sister had went into labor and needless to say that was the best news ever to wake up to. That entire day in school the only thing that I could think about was getting to the hospital and finally seeing her. Later that evening I was so happy when I went to the hospital and I finally got to see her. She’s been my little baby ever since! She’s my little mini-me!

Laylah is smart, loving, and we share a special bond that will last forever. I’ve seen her grow up from the cutest little baby to a beautiful little girl. We always have fun together whether she is spending the night at my house, babysitting her, or she’s helping me pick outfits. When she helps me pick outfits her favorite thing to tell me is “MaRae ohhhhhh that’s cute!, Can you buy me an outfit like that?, and Ummmhh that might be a little short so you can’t wear that!” LOL. She is full of personality honey! I love my little Laylah so much!


After I took this picture she told me “MaRae put this picture on Instagram” LOL


Easter Sunday!


In this picture she has a pair of my heels on!


She stays camera ready!


Posing for the camera as always!


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