Update: No Shopping Challege…


In my post  Operation: No Shopping Challenge I talked about how I was on a challenge to not do any shopping for a period of time but needless to say I didn’t pass this challenge after this weekend. Sooooooooo… I was doing good with my “No Shopping Challenge” until last weekend when my mom and I were running errands last Saturday. I knew at some point during that day we were going to end up shopping so I thought to myself “MaRae, remember that you’re during this no shopping challenge so you will not buy anything” but I failed miserably! I ended up buying myself not one but a couple of items including a pair of shoes… I couldn’t believe I did it! I held out for so long then I couldn’t resist temptation. I am proud of myself for going without shopping as long as I did though. I’m pretty sure that I could have held out until the specific date that I gave myself but I’m not beating myself up about it. Usually when I set goals for myself I usually reach them but I will not make a big deal because I didn’t reach this one. Yes, I love shopping and I always will so there is nothing wrong with  me shopping a lot because I know how to spend wisely and be fabulous on a budget! So will I try this challenge again? Probably not but I’m glad that I did try it!


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