Comfortable and cute…

Getting glammed up for class? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Just kidding! There is nothing wrong with getting dolled up for class sometimes but most of the time going for comfort is the easiest option. As a college student having to walk around a huge campus being comfortable and stylish is the way to go at all times. My roomie Sylvia whom you have met before from the post about Oversized sweaters is all about keeping it cute and comfortable for class.

She paired a blue oversized sweater with a striped shirt along with tights and the oh so comfortable UGGs. She doesn’t look like she threw something on and went to class just because she wanted to be comfortable but she put some effort in her outfit. Pairing the striped shirt with this look was added to it better than a simple white shirt. Stripes are always a winner in my book!




So, yes looking cute while remaining comfortable is always a winner but only if it is done without looking you threw anything on! Yay for comfortable and cute!


Dressed to the nines!

We all have had outfits where we glance at ourselves in the mirror and said “Dang! I look good!” and I consider those to be your “Dressed to the nines” outfits. I definitely consider this outfit to be a “Dressed to the nines” look! Mixing multiple colors is possible in outfits as long as it is not over done. In this outfit black, pale pink, and grey were put together. This peplum leather jacket was styled with a blush pink blouse and a killer black and grey pencil skirt. The statement necklace brought the outfit together with the different color gems. The earrings and bracelet went well with the outfit because they pulled in other colors of the outfit. The pale blue heels were definitely a hit with this entire look. So don’t be afraid to mix a few colors together because it can work!

Dressed to the nines!

Peplum top
$33 –

Alexander McQueen leather jacket
$3,970 –

Jane Norman pencil skirt
$47 –

Alexander McQueen pumps

Bib necklace

Cuff bracelet
$40 –

Stud earrings
$53 –

Natural hair feature…


So a while ago I submitted my natural hair story to be featured on a natural hair blog just curious to see if I would be featured. Yesterday I was surprised when I got the notification on Twitter that I was featured on Just Grow Already… Be sure to check the blog out it has great information about natural hair. Here’s my natural hair feature on Just Grow Already… Check it out! 

Casual comfort…

Casual, comfortable and stylish? Yes, the three go together because sometimes you don’t want to be super dolled up. You can perfect this look without trying hard at all. This outfit is all about being comfortable and casual while looking cute. This sweater was paired with a regular pair of jeans and a pair of stripped flats. The accessories were simple and they added a little jazz to the outfit.

Casual comfort...

Cableknit sweater
$40 –

River Island blue skinny jeans
$67 –

Work appropriate and still stylish…

When dressing for work you still want to look appropriate while looking stylish. The classic black blazer and the grey dress are simple but the shoes and the accessories are what make the outfit. No more looking very ordinary in work clothes… Make your simple work attire come to life with accessories!

Work appropriate and still stylish...

Dressing denim up…

Denim dressed up? Yes, it can totally be done! Denim can be worn in so many ways and you can mix and match it with multiple items in your closet. This simple denim shirt is paired with a fitted knee length polka dot skirt. The skinny belt goes great with the outfit because it enhances the waist line. Yesss for a snatched waist line! LOL. The blue/turquoise and gold jewelry compliments the outfit along with either pair of sassy flats. Try remixing denim your way!

Dressing denim up...

Turning a simple dress into something fabulous…

This once simple orange dress is now turned into a fabulous outfit by pairing it with the right pieces. The leather jacket changed the entire look of the dress and made it perfect for any occasion. The blue and gold accessories go so well with the outfit and the nude strappy ankle sandals complete the look. Simple pieces in your wardrobe can be put together in so many ways with the right pieces and they can go from simple to spectacular.

Turning a simple dress into something fabulous...

Dorothy Perkins cotton dress

Delfina pu leather jacket
$180 –

Steve madden footwear

Hive Honey gold jewelry