Random late night thoughts…

So I’m currently laying in my bed and my mind is everywhere but I am calm and content… Definitely weird! But I can’t sleep nor do I feel like doing anything but writing. So here goes…

– So I just finished watching the entire series of Private Practice and I cried through most of the series and I completely bawled while watching the last episode of the show. I began watching the show when it first came out and then I fell off from watching it after while. Watching it now as I am older and know a lot more about life the situations on the show were easy to relate to if not personally but knowing someone who has been through them. The one thing that never changed throughout the entire show was the importance of friendships and I loved that the most. Yes, the friendships went through some craziness but they never forgot about the importance of friendship and being there for each other no matter what. Private Practice was the epitome of what real life is and what real friendships are. 


I value all my friendships. Your closet friends are your family and no one can tell you differently. Cherish all of your friendships and no matter what craziness that life may bring always stay true to those who have stayed true to you. When certain people enter your life they are meant to stay forever and nothing can change that. 

I just wanted to share what was on my heart 🙂 


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