Oversized sweaters…

Oversized sweaters are one of the best items to have in your closet! They make choosing outfits so easy because you can do so much with them. They have become a favorite fashion trend because you can style them up or down while still being comfortable. You can pair them with tights, they look super cute with boyfriend jeans and many more things in your closet. More importantly accessories make an oversized sweater come to life!

Meet my roomie Sylvia! She is super fabulous and she loves shopping! We’re always talking about shopping and all things fashion. In the picture below she paired her multi colored oversized sweater with a pair of tights and combat boots. Her skinny belt turned the outfit into something fabulous.


I love the way she pulled her sock above her boots! Another simple touch to make an outfit.


She’s serving with this pose! Image

This outfit is still cute without the skinny belt!


Yes, for this side pose! Yasssss Sylvia!


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