Blogging woes… The nerve of some people!

Everyday I have to get my daily dose of The Style & Beauty Doctor by Danielle Grey which is a fashion and beauty blog. So this morning I went to read her daily post in response to me being a “black plus size blogger” with inconsistent swatches…” and after reading the post it left my jaw dropping. In the post she was describing how she takes photos of the various products that she uses, clothes, etc… and how she tries to take the best photos possible to capture the best shot of what she is showing her followers. So she receives a ridiculous “constructive criticism” e-mail from a fan… (NOT!) a hater is a better way to describe the person telling her a few things…

1. The person was trying  to compliment (more like insulting) her on being a plus-sized woman black woman and doing a great job at what she does

Sidenote: There is nothing wrong with being plus-sized! But you shouldn’t call someone that because that might not be how they would describe themselves.

2. The person told her that she should trying taking pictures of her content better and how inconsistent they were

Take a look…


(Photo: The Style & Beauty Doctor)

Here’s what I think…

The fan (hater!) that wrote that e-mail had some nerve telling Danielle how she should do things for her blog and more importantly they were very ignorant for calling her a “plus sized black woman”. As a fellow fashion blogger myself people have no idea how much time it takes to run a blog and more importantly we do this to give our followers good content and because we loving blogging about fashion. Yes, I get followers actually giving good constructive criticism or telling us more of what they want because it helps us provide better content for them. But we (bloggers) do not need nor do we appreciate followers telling us how we should run OUR blog when they probably have no idea how to do it.


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