Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of celebrating the day of love remember to have fun whether you are in a relationship or single. Just have fun and enjoy the day of love! Here’s are few of my Valentine’s day tips…

In a relationship: Spend the day enjoying the company of your significant other! More importantly don’t focus so much on the material items that you hope to receive and be grateful for the love between the two of you. Also, do not throw it in others face because they do not have a valentine. Just enjoy your boo! 

Single: Do not be all in your feelings about not having a valentine… BE YOUR OWN VALENTINE! Also, do not bash couples for being all lovey dovey with one another because you do not have one. Spend the day enjoy yourself and having fun regardless of not having a valentine. Go out with your other single friends, pamper yourself with a spa day, plan a special getaway, or something that will make you have fun. Just have fun and don’t sulk about not having a significant other. Remember to be your own valentine! 

Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! 


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