My 20th Birthday!

I’m 20 and fabulous! On Saturday I celebrated my twentieth birthday and it was everything that I could have wished for and more. I’m so grateful that God blessed me to see another year and I’m also blessed to have amazing people in my life who made my birthday extra special. I spent my birthday weekend shopping and spending time with my favorite people and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My twentieth birthday was absolutely fabulous!

Here’s a few pictures from my special day…


I absolutely loved my "cupcake" cake! So fabulous!

I absolutely loved my “cupcake” cake! So fabulous!


After an amazing night out with my amazing family and friends!

Outfit details:

I wore a black button up tunic and I paired it with patterned tights along with knee high boots. The accessories that I wore were a statement necklace that I borrowed from my mom that was actually a gift that I gave to her a few years ago for Mother’s day and my favorite gold earrings. Even though you couldn’t see it I had a serious arm party going on with my gold Marc Jacobs watch and two sassy gold bracelets that I got from Target on Friday as well. I purchased the shirt from H & M a while ago for $7! The patterned tights are from Dillard’s which I got on Friday during my annual birthday shopping spree with my mommy and my aunt. My daddy gets credit for my shopping spree too because even though he wasn’t there he also paid for it LOL.


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