Comfortable and cute…

Getting glammed up for class? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Just kidding! There is nothing wrong with getting dolled up for class sometimes but most of the time going for comfort is the easiest option. As a college student having to walk around a huge campus being comfortable and stylish is the way to go at all times. My roomie Sylvia whom you have met before from the post about Oversized sweaters is all about keeping it cute and comfortable for class.

She paired a blue oversized sweater with a striped shirt along with tights and the oh so comfortable UGGs. She doesn’t look like she threw something on and went to class just because she wanted to be comfortable but she put some effort in her outfit. Pairing the striped shirt with this look was added to it better than a simple white shirt. Stripes are always a winner in my book!




So, yes looking cute while remaining comfortable is always a winner but only if it is done without looking you threw anything on! Yay for comfortable and cute!


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