Organizing your closet…

I really, really, really, hate organizing my closet! I absolutely loathe it. But I know that it must be done so I digress LOL. Every year I reorganize my closet and this usually happens when I come home for the summer from college. So this past Thursday I came home for spring break and like usual when I’m home I was lounging around in my mother’s walk in closet while she was putting some of her items away. I noticed how much detail my mom took when it came to her organizing her closet and it gave me some ideas for when I organize my closet. Her closet is color coded, divided from dressy to casual clothes, and all of her shoes are in clear boxes by seasons so she doesn’t have a hard time finding anything. 

So to make this process easier for me in a few months I will be using this wonderful chart below from The Every Girl… 


I hope this fabulous chart helps all of you making the process of cleaning out your closet easier! 


2 thoughts on “Organizing your closet…

  1. Cherese Agee says:

    I hate reorganizing my closet too! I do it multiple times a year because I move often and refuse to take anything that I don’t need. Another cool tip I read was to invert all the hangers so they are all facing the opposite direction and wear your clothes as usual. When you hang them back into the closet, do it as you normally would. This way the clothes that you wear will be hung the normal way and the clothes you don’t wear will be inverted.

    • thealwaysfabulous says:

      I totally understand you! Organizing your closet is such a pain. Thank you for the tips as well! I will definitely have to try them being that I’m steady buying clothes and only cleaning out my closet once a year LOL.

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