Cardigans, prints, and tights…

Two weeks ago I visited my newly built high school during my spring break which I blogged about in the post Spring Break Chronicles but while I was there I was roaming the hallways and I spotted this fabulous young lady and I had to capture her fabulous outfit! When I asked her if I could take pictures of her outfit to use her for the blog she was so excited and I promised her that I would most definitely feature her. It came a few weeks late but I kept my promise! Soooo… Meet Marissa!

Marissa paired a simple grey cardigan with a striped dress and she paired it with combats boots. She also pulled this look together with a black scarf with silver trimming and patterned tights!  I loveeeeeeeed her patterned tights! She wore cute lock and key stud earrings and heart necklace. Her jewelry was cute and simple while not overshadowing her ensemble. I loved her daytime make-up along with  her hairstyle that showed off her natural curls which was perfection.  This entire look was a 10 in my book! It was fashionable, stylish, and it showed her personal style. Marissa is soooo GORG!

IMAG3830She is such a beauty!



Merissa totally nailed this looked and she looked absolutely fabulous!



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