Hello all!

Hello fabulous people!

I’ve been MIA! I promised that once I was out of school for the semester that I would be back with blogging but I have been going non-stop since I have gotten home from school. I’ve been out of town, unpacking, and on Monday I’ll be starting training for my summer job so now I’m finally getting settled for the summer which means that I’ll be blogging as much as I can but maybe not everyday. I just wanted to keep you guys posted on what’s been going on with me! 

Here’s a little recap from last weekend:

1. I was in Lynchburg from Friday to Saturday for my cousins graduation. She graduated from Liberty University and I am super proud of her! Goooo Meky! 

ImageThis picture of her is pricesless… I love it! Totally her personality.

2. On Sunday I attended a graduation party for my cousin Rumeal and he graduated from Hampton University! Go Milly! I had the best time ever at his graduation party spending time with family, dancing and laughing. 

Pictures from the graduation party…



My cousin Kanee and I! 


My brother Foreman and I… He never smiles in pictures! 



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