The working girl!

Hello lovelies! 

I’m a working gal now! YAY! So, yesterday I started working at my first real job. Sunday night I was so nervous because I was terrified of how my day would go but it ended up being great. I work at a christian academy as a teacher and although I am not in school to become a teacher (I’m majoring in Professional Communication) I love working with children so this is just the job for me. I’m really looking forward to the many memories I’ll be making this summer with such fabulous children! 

Sometimes it takes me forever when it comes to choosing outfits but the night before I pulled out the first things I saw in my closet and I loved my outfit. Being that I’m a teacher I’m moving around constantly so I wanted something that was super comfortable while remaining stylish and my ensemble completed that.

My look:



Shirt: I purchased this shirt from Target last December for $5! This is one of my favorite shirts because I love anything with polka dots.

Pants: They are super old (from high school) and are from JCPenny’s. Side bar: I really love shopping at JCPenny’s because they have super cute clothes especially their new lines such as Joe Fresh. 

Shoes: I loveee these gold peep toe flats! They are from Target as well.

Necklace: I purchased it from Charlotte Russe a few years ago. One of my favorites! 

Watch: Marc Jacobs. Chistmas gift from my parents last year.

Earrings: Gift. 

Photo creds: My mommy! 










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