My natural hair…

Hello loves!

Natural, natural, natural! I have been natural for about two years and I’m obsessed with my natural hair. So this post is dedicated to my natural hair journey and anything else I feel to discuss about having natural hair!

First things first… Even though I have natural hair I do not knock ladies who rock their relaxed hair because they have fabulous hair as well. All of us are beautiful no matter how we choose to rock our hair!

Why I went natural?

– My senior year of high school I decided to go natural because I knew that once I started college I wasn’t going to be able to come home every other week to get my hair done and I was also wanting to do something new with my hair. Also, having seeing my mother go natural and all of my cousins have fabulous natural hair I decided to go for it. I wasn’t nervous or anything because I was excited to embark on my natural hair journey!

What do I love about having natural hair? 

– I love having natural hair because of the versatility and most importantly I love having healthy hair! It’s so so so much fun.

What I’ve learned since having natural hair?

– Through my natural hair journey the most important thing that I have learned is to love my hair. I do not care about what others have to say about my natural hair because as long as I love it that is all that matters and others opinions about my natural hair is irrelevant.

Pictures of my natural hair: All of these are from when I first went natural up until now. There is only one picture (the first one) of my hair when I first went natural which is a bummer. There are also a few pictures of my natural hair straightened as well.









5 thoughts on “My natural hair…

  1. M Style Files says:

    You have beautiful natural hair. Love it! I’ve also been natural for a very long time and love it. There’s so many perks to it. I can relate to you in many ways. You’ve inspired me to write a post on why I wear my hair natural.

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