Monday’s look…

Hi loves!

Yesterday’s look was nothing too fancy but I had a meeting so I had to get a little dolled up. It was soooo humid here in VA so I wanted something that would keep me pretty cool in the stuffy warm weather.



Blazer: I purchased it from Sears a few years ago and it is one of my go to black blazers.

Dress: I purchased it through Avon a few years ago and this is one of those dresses that can be paired with so many things. I love it!

Shoes: Target.

Watch: Marc Jacobs.

Hair: My hair is an old twist-out pulled up into a high puff. My hair needs to be washed but I’m being lazy! Side note: I will be doing some posts on different hair styles that I do with my natural hair and what products I use as well. 






I was being bossy at the moment LOL!



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