White tee and shorts…

Hi loves!

Yesterday my work look was definitely not blog worthy! At my job some days are dedicated to doing crafts with my kids all day long so needless to say I am definitely not getting fancy because I absolutely hate getting anything on my clothes. That will seriously ruin my entire day LOL! Anyways, so my after work look was nothing fancy but it was comfy, cute, and simple.

ImageSide note: For years I have been very uncomfortable with my arms to the point where I would not wear anything sleeveless or I would do anything to camouflage them. Not saying that I lack self esteem but that was something that always bothered me. However, up until recently I have stopped caring! It was like I had an epiphany one day and it no longer mattered to me to cover up my arms. So sometimes we have to stop worrying so much about what we wish we could change about ourselves and focus on living the best possible life. I just wanted to share that…

White tee: Walmart. It was only five bucks too! You can never have enough white tees!

Shorts: JCPenny. Yes, I am a repeat offender! (Previously worn here) Who cares!

Shoes: Ross

Necklaces: Forever 21









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