Hi loves!

Okay so overalls are pretty trendy right about now! However, as a child I wore them faithfully but now I’m not sure if I could pull them off now.  So yesterday I was browsing through my Instagram timeline and I came across of my fabulous friend Mia totally werking a pair of overalls! I immediately texted her and told her that I she needed to send me the picture of her in them because she was definitely blog worthy. Side note: I do that to my friends all the time! LOL. Also, the lovely Veronica whom is a friend of Mia’s rocked a pair of overalls and she looked super cute! Maybe just maybe I might give them a try after these fabulous ladies rocked their overalls… We shall see!

I love how Mia paired her overalls with a stripped shirt and a classic white pair of Chucks! Veronica paired her overalls with a simple t-shirt along with a sassy headband and a pair of Jack Rogers! Totally loving their looks! Also, both ladies purchased their overalls from Wet Seal.



See… I told yah I rocked overalls as a little one! My mother had me dressing like her and my Aunt Glenda ALLLL the time when I was younger! (My mommy is on the left and my Aunt Glenda is on the right) And… My mommy’s short haircut was EVERYTHING! This will always be one of my favorite pictures of us 🙂



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