Amazing news!

Hi loves!

I am happy to announce that I am now the Style & Beauty Contributor for Afrophire Magazine! I am truly grateful that the Editor-in-Chief Cherese has given me such an amazing opportunity. Please visit Afrophire Magazine to see what they are all about and I promise that you will not be disappointed! Also, while you are over there visiting please be sure to check out my posts 🙂


Things truly happen when you least expect them and this opportunity was definitely one of them! I am a firm believer that God gives you what He has for you in His perfect timing and when you wait on Him he gives you things that are even greater than you imagined!


Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves! I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!

After a crazy work week and catching up with old friends I promised myself that I would have a relaxing weekend without doing too much.

Saturday: I spent the day shopping with my mommy and my Nana which ended up being an all day thing but of course I did not mind because I was with my favorite ladies. Side note: I was in the mall and I did not purchase a single thing! Usually when I am shopping buy at least one thing and this entire weekend I did not buy any clothes or anything. That does not happen too often! I decided to pair a cardigan and shorts together for the first time and I loved it! Side note: Please excuse how my shorts look in the photos… They fit perfectly when I first wore them but now they are a little big so that is why they look like that LOL. I hate how they look in the pictures but pictures turned out well so I digress! 

IMG_1616Cardigan: JCPenny’s

Shirt: Wal Mart

Shorts: JCPenny’s

Sandals: TJ Maxx or Marshalls

Lips: Brazen Berry (lipstick) by Maybelline with Raspberry Tart (NYX Butter Gloss) on top

Hair: Bantu knot out









My mommy and I wore matching lippies! She is too cute! She makes 50 look so fabulous!

Sunday: I went to church and afterwards I went to my cousins gender reveal party which was my first my attending one where I had a blast! Side note: As I was walking into the building of the party my older cousin (soon to be dad) sent one of my younger cousins to his car to get something and my younger cousin opened up the trunk on accident with the gender colored balloons. So I found out the gender of the baby before the party even started LOL. Such a bummer but I am so grateful that another blessing is coming into my family! However, I chose not to take pictures of my look because the humidity completely messed up my hair and I was not about to take pictures in my cute outfit, but with jacked up hair!

Tuesday’s look…

I love wearing cardigans and dresses together! Side note: I could wear a dress every single day with no problem but I love my other clothes too much! This look was totally unplanned because I did not pick out my clothes the night before so I just grabbed the first things that I spotted in my closet.

IMG_1544Cardigan: I purchased it from H&M a few months ago.

Dress: I purchased it from Cotton On last summer and this was my first time wearing it.

Necklace: Target

Bracelets: Forever 21

Sandals: Marshalls or TJ Mazz (I can’t remember which one!)

Lipstick: Queen Collection jumbo gloss balm (no name shown) with NYX Butter Gloss (Peach Cobbler) on top. This was my first time trying this combination and I love it!

Hair: On Monday after I go home from work I washed and deep conditioned my hair after putting it off for two weeks. After I was done I decided that I wanted to blow dry my hair so that it would be super big whichever way I decided to style it. So as I’m blow drying my hair the comb to my blow dryer breaks. SUPER FAIL! Although I had another one it wasn’t the comb that I wanted because it made the process even longer. However, the natural hair gawds did not fail me because my hair was EVERYTHING!









Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!

Friday: After work I did a little shopping with my cousin Monique and our friend Precious. Side note: H&M had a serious sale going on! I got a dress and shirt for a total of $9 which is my type of sale! I wore one of my favorite black dresses  but I ended up not taking any pictures.

Saturday: I ran a few errands with my mommy then we ended up doing a little shopping. My look was a few of my favorite items together but of course I paired them differently. I loved this look because it was perfect for the gloomy weather and it was super comfortable.

IMG_1459Shirt: Target

Jeans: Target

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Ross







Sunday: I went to church and the message was everything! Afterwards my church had its annual picnic so I spent time with my church family. However, once I got home I changed out of my outfit so fast so I didn’t get a chance to capture any pictures. I don’t know what I was thinking! But that just means that I will be repeating that look so it can be displayed up here LOL. My look for the picnic was all about staying cool while remaining cute. Side note: The first few pictures were just me playing around so excuse my facial expressions! 


Shirt: Target

Shorts: JCPenny’s

Necklace: Forever 21

Denim shirt: Walmart (pictured in the second picture below)




Good lighting always means selfie time!


(left to right): Precious, me, and Monique


(left to right): Me, Laylah, and Monique

Tuesday’s look…

Monday night while I was in my closet deciding what I was going to wear for work the next day it dawned on me that I had not worn a maxi skirt or dress all summer. Once I realized that I had no problem choosing what to wear because I immediately had several maxi skirt and dresses to choose from. I eventually decided to wear a floral print maxi dress along with one of my favorite denim shirts.

IMG_1411Denim shirt: I purchased it from Ross.

Dress: I purchased it from Rue 21 a few years ago.

Earrings: My mommy’s jewelry box!

Hair: A bun on an extremely old twistout. My hair needs to be washed badly but I am being super lazy!








Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! I had one of the best weekends ever! I truly enjoyed it and I did not want it to come to an end.

Side note: My cousin/sister Monique and I spent the entire weekend together so you’ll see her throughout this entire post. As Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy would say that they are each others person well Monique is my person. I so love her! 

Friday: After I got off of work I had a girls day with my cousin/sister Monique. Our day consisted of getting pedicures, shopping, and grabbing lunch at one of our favorite places.


IMG_1256It was perfect lighting in the nail salon so that called for selfie time LOL!

Hair: Wearing my hair in a bun is my new go to style because it is so easy and it take little to no time to do it. Last week was my first time trying it and I have no idea why I didn’t before.

Saturday: That evening I went to dinner with Monique along with our really good friend Tori. Afterwards we went to the beach and our friend Precious joined us.





Sunday: I went to church and afterwards I attended a Norfolk Tides games with my family!









Tuesday’s look…

Hi loves!

I really love the summer time but it has been ridiculously hot here in VA! Anyways, my look for Tuesday was a couple of my favorite pieces but nothing too fancy!

IMG_1209Kimono: I’m a repeat offender once again! LOL. I purchased it from Cotton On.

Black dress: I purchased it from Cotton On and it is one of the most comfortable dresses ever.

Shoes: I got them from the Naxy Exchange a few years ago but I just recently discovered them.

Necklace: Forever 21

Bracelet: JCPenny’s

Hair: I promise it looked decent that morning but once the humidity hit it then it was a wrap LOL!