10 Random Things About Me…

Hi loves!

I’ve shared a lot of things about myself and my life but I want to share more so that you can get really get an idea of who I am. Now for sharing…


1. I over think EVERYTHING! When I am making big decisions I think of every possible outcome. Doing this gives me so much anxiety and it does nothing but make me freak out. So I’ve learned that whatever outcome that I have with my decisions doesn’t matter because everything happens for a reason.

2. I am obsessed with reading! I am always reading and I love it so much that I’m usually reading two books at a time. I spend just as much money on books as I do on clothes! My book collection is something serious too LOL. I have some books that I have read at least six times and it’s like my first time reading them. I can go in Barnes & Nobles for hours and be completely content!

3. I’m an only child. Being that I am an only child I am very serious about my alone time! I really do enjoy being around people but I might like my alone time just a littleeeeeee bit more! I definitely have a bad case of the “Only Child syndrome” LOL.

4. I am a perfectionist. If something is not to my satisfaction I have to fix it. This is a blessing and a curse! It happens to be the most annoying trait about myself because this also goes along with me being my hardest critic. When I don’t feel like I am reaching my best potential it bothers me and I have to do something to fix it.

5. Obsessed with lipstick. I started wearing lipstick last summer and since then I have been obsessed with it.

6. Clumsy. Sometimes I can be ridiculously clumsy! Embarrassing moment: When I was in the 7th grade I sprained both of my ankles at the same time. Yes, BOTH of them! 

7. Gelato. I think that gelato is one of the greatest things that God has created! If I could eat it everyday and not gain a single pound that would be heaven.

8. Coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since forever! My daddy is a huge coffee drinker and when I was younger I always liked the smell of it so whenever he would have some I would beg him to give me some. There is NOTHING like a really good cup of coffee.

9. Selfies. I am the selfie queen! My family and my friends often joke me because I am always taking pictures. My motto is whenever there is good lighting you must take a picture LOL… But seriously!

10. Hopeless romantic. I am such a hopeless romantic! I’m a sucker for a good love story, cute proposals, or anything related to love. Say what you want but love is good! I think that finding love is one of the greatest things in the world.




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