Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! I had one of the best weekends ever! I truly enjoyed it and I did not want it to come to an end.

Side note: My cousin/sister Monique and I spent the entire weekend together so you’ll see her throughout this entire post. As Meredith and Christina from Grey’s Anatomy would say that they are each others person well Monique is my person. I so love her! 

Friday: After I got off of work I had a girls day with my cousin/sister Monique. Our day consisted of getting pedicures, shopping, and grabbing lunch at one of our favorite places.


IMG_1256It was perfect lighting in the nail salon so that called for selfie time LOL!

Hair: Wearing my hair in a bun is my new go to style because it is so easy and it take little to no time to do it. Last week was my first time trying it and I have no idea why I didn’t before.

Saturday: That evening I went to dinner with Monique along with our really good friend Tori. Afterwards we went to the beach and our friend Precious joined us.





Sunday: I went to church and afterwards I attended a Norfolk Tides games with my family!










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