Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!

Friday: After work I did a little shopping with my cousin Monique and our friend Precious. Side note: H&M had a serious sale going on! I got a dress and shirt for a total of $9 which is my type of sale! I wore one of my favorite black dresses  but I ended up not taking any pictures.

Saturday: I ran a few errands with my mommy then we ended up doing a little shopping. My look was a few of my favorite items together but of course I paired them differently. I loved this look because it was perfect for the gloomy weather and it was super comfortable.

IMG_1459Shirt: Target

Jeans: Target

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Ross







Sunday: I went to church and the message was everything! Afterwards my church had its annual picnic so I spent time with my church family. However, once I got home I changed out of my outfit so fast so I didn’t get a chance to capture any pictures. I don’t know what I was thinking! But that just means that I will be repeating that look so it can be displayed up here LOL. My look for the picnic was all about staying cool while remaining cute. Side note: The first few pictures were just me playing around so excuse my facial expressions! 


Shirt: Target

Shorts: JCPenny’s

Necklace: Forever 21

Denim shirt: Walmart (pictured in the second picture below)




Good lighting always means selfie time!


(left to right): Precious, me, and Monique


(left to right): Me, Laylah, and Monique


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