August craziness!

Hi loves!

AUGUST. Summer has come and will be coming to an end sooner than later. Reality is on it’s way very soon. No longer will I have care free days but back to… COLLEGE. Oh joy! *much sarcasm* Just kidding! I’ll be entering my junior year of college and I’m pretty excited about it. However, I am not enthused about the upcoming sleepless nights, tons of papers, and surviving off of caffeine but it means that I will be that much closer to graduation. HALLELUJAH!

My upcoming days preparing to go back to school will be crazy busy. My days will consist of packing and preparing to move into my apartment. Please bare with me because posts might not be as frequent but I will not be going MIA! As always thank you all so much for your support!

Remember this…

Trust YOUR journey. The road may get tough sometimes but remember that better days are ahead and that YOUR greater is coming. People who genuinely care will be there to encourage you and wish you nothing but the best. Trust YOUR journey.



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