First day of junior year…

Hi loves!

Yesterday was the first day of my junior year and it was great! I am taking eighteen credits this semester and one of those courses is an internship so needless to say I will be VERY busy this semester. This semester will probably bring some sleepless nights, cryings spells due to a lot of work, and some stress but that is college. However, this semester will also bring me many memories that will last me a lifetime so I am ready for everything that my junior year brings me.

My look for my first day wasn’t planned and like most days I grabbed whatever caught my eye first in my closet. This look was perfect because it was very windy and little chilly than others days this summer.

IMG_2118Denim shirt: Ross

Cardigan: JCPenny’s

White jeans: Target

Sandals: Ross

Bracelet: JCPenny’s




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