Junior year… STRESSED already.

Hi loves! I hope all of you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed your holiday!


School has just begun and stressed is an understatement! I mean I already knew what I was up against taking eighteen credits this semester and one of those courses being an internship so, I knew what I signed up for. However, I cannot even express how I am feeling right now. I know when I talked about my resolutions post (here) I was super excited and I had created my plan of how I was going to get through junior year but, these last few days have had me ALL over the place. However, this is the life of a college student so even though I am freaking out at the moment I am sure things will come together sooner (And I mean sooner) than later!

On another note…

Every year my school has a big showcase of all of the clubs and organizations during the first week of classes so the students can get familiar with and join them. The event is always held outside and on last Thursday it was SO hot outside.  My club’s spot was placed in an area where there was absolutely no shade! Needless to say I got a nice little tan last Thursday! Also, the name of my organization is Gurls with Curls where we not only educate on natural hair but we also focus on teaching other young women how to become and be your best self. I am also honored to the be Event chair of this organization. Below I have a few pictures from yesterday’s festivities!

Details of my look:

Shirt: Borrowed from my roomie/cousin Monique LOL.

Jeans: Target

Sandals: Ross

Necklace: Charlotte Russe


(left to right): Me and my fabulous friend Barbara whom is the Vice-President of Gurls with Curls


(left to right): Sylvia (Secretary) and Stephanie (Public relations chair)


(left to right): Sylvia, Stephanie, Me, Barbara, and Crystal: The Executive Board of Gurls with Curls




8 thoughts on “Junior year… STRESSED already.

  1. lisaalamode1 says:

    What a great group!! And you can do it!! It’s gonna be tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! xoxoxo

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