Retail therapy sales…

Hi loves! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!

On Saturday I decided that I was going to give myself a much needed break and do some retail therapy! It was the best decision that I made all week! I was not looking for anything in particular while I was shopping so I was just browsing around in stores. As I was getting ready to leave the mall I was passing by Loft and something told me to go in there to see what they had. I had never shopped there before but I thought why not give them a try. To my surprise they have some super cute clothes in there! So, as I was looking around the store I came across a rack that had some of their end of the season items up there. I found two pairs of ankle length dress pants for $4.88 each! They were originally $69.50 so I got a super deal! I loveeeeeee getting good deals like that! As always I’ll share pictures up here when I style them.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my super deal with you all!


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