10 facts about me…

Hi loves!

I haven’t done of these in a while so… Time for some sharing!

photo (1)

1. I’m a private person. That may sound weird being that I share so much about myself with you all but, in actuality I am the most private person ever. It’s like I’m sharing but I’m not really sharing. I’m an open private person! However, I am only like really open with very few people in my life.

2. While I’m away at school I FaceTime my parents every night before I go to bed. I absolutely adore my parents so of course I want them to be the last people I talk to before I got to bed. It just makes me feel and sleep better.

3. I’m addicted to Pinterest! I just can’t live without it! I get so many ideas from there but I only have tried a handful of them LOL.

4. I love bread! If I could eat a biscuit, roll, or any other type of bread every single day I would. I earned this honestly from my mother! Texas Roadhouse has the BEST rolls ever and the sweet cinnamon butter that goes with them… EVERYTHING!

5. I keep a journal. I write in it every night before I go to bed. I’m actually a few pages from finishing one now. I’ll be writing a post about it once I am completely done with it.

6. I have a collection of Christmas holiday barbies from the year I was born up until now. I also have a lot more of other collectible barbies as well. My parents started this tradition with me and if I have a little girl one day I want to do the same for her. Also, I have never opened any of my collectible barbies!

7. My daddy’s Man Cave is one of favorite places in my house! When I’m home I do all of my reading in there because it is just so quiet and peaceful in there.

8. I absolutely HATE math!

9. The Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows! When I was younger and even now my mommy, Aunt Glenda, and I can lay in the bed all day long and watch episodes. That is definitely one of my favorite things to do with them.

10. I have one tattoo and it’s on my wrist. It’s small and barely noticeable. It say’s “Proverbs 31:25” which happens to be my favorite scripture… “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”



7 thoughts on “10 facts about me…

  1. Brittany says:

    Always fun to find out more! This reminds to get back on my journal game lol – I buy cute ones but find it Impossible to keep up with the daily entries!! Got any tips?

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