A few weeks ago in my “10 Facts About Me” post (here) I talked about how much I loved journaling. One of my fabulous fellow bloggers Brittany from That’s My Chic commented on that post and asked me did I have any tips about journaling. So, here’s my journey with journaling…

Journaling is one of my favorite things to do! Not only does it keep me sane but it helps me release and express whatever I am feeling. I’ve been journaling seriously since middle school and I love it even more now that I’m older. Recently, I finished a journal that I had been writing in since 2011. After finishing I browsed through some of my entries and I realized how much I had changed since I had started writing in that journal. Seeing my growth and how much I had evolved within those three years made me so happy. I wrote about moments where I was happy, sad, or whatever else I going through at certain times so I enjoyed reading through those moments again.

Here are a few tips for journaling:

1. I’ve found that it helps me sleep better at night after I write about how my day went or whatever I am feeling. Also, statistics have shown that it releases stress. I so believe this! There was moments where I was really pissed off and I went to write in my journal and instantly I felt better.

2. As I stated before it’s an easy way to see growth in yourself. Simple as that!

3. Get cute journals! I’ve found cute journals from many places for cheap too. In the two journals pictured above I purchased them from Ross and TJ Maxx for less than $5. However, if you choose to write your journal in the classic composition notebook that is fine too!

4. Don’t use a filter! Write whatever you want! You can be as vulnerable as you want without being judged.

5. Don’t share it with anyone unless you want to. Everything is not meant for everybody! So, if don’t want to share those sacred moments that you have in there, don’t feel guilty!

I hope my tips will help and will come in handy! Also, let me know how your journaling is going too. Happy journaling! 🙂


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