My favorite looks of 2014…

I had many outfits this year that I loved! However, I chose six that were my absolute favorites! These six looks were fun and they included some of my favorite items. Most of these looks are from the summer time but who cares! Hopefully you all enjoyed these looks just as much as I did!


1. Black top with lace skirt | 2. Floral dress | 3. Denim on denim | 4. Stripped shirt and neon pants
5. Stripped dress and jean jacket | 6. Denim shirt and patterned skirt

My first year of blogging…

I’ve truly enjoyed my first year of blogging! Not only did I learn a lot about the blogging world but it taught more than I expected to.

My first year of blogging…

1. When I first started blogging I felt the need to have a post up every single day. Being a college student I have a crazy schedule due to me being so involved in various clubs and while maintaining a social life. I was blogging everyday but only because I felt like that was what I had to do. Now I have schedule of blogging at least three times out of the week. Creating a blogging schedule for myself has made my life a lot easier! However, when I am not feeling blogging I will not do it because I don’t want to give my readers “fluff” or a post just because.

2. Blogging is A LOT of work! But seriously though. I had no idea that blogging would be so time consuming. It’s kind of like a part-time job! However, I do enjoy it because it gives me chance to share so much with others. This is my passion and I am doing it because I love it. However, I had to learn to find my balance with blogging.

3. I love my blog for what it is! Yes, I want to revamp my blog or make it prettier but that takes time along with money. Blogging is expensive! If you want your blog to look nice and the way you want it to, then you will pay a decent amount of money. Also, I do not compare my blog to other blogs. Why? My blog represents ME and no one else! It’s all mine! Another thing, I do not have a professional photographer taking my pictures! All of my pictures are taken with my iPhone by my mom or whomever I can get to take them. However, for Christmas I got a new Nikon camera so my pictures will be coming out more clear and crisp. I’m so excited!

4. I’ve created amazing bonds and friendships with fellow bloggers! Lisa of Lisa A La Mode is my blogger big sister! I came across her blog over the summer and I e-mailed her. She responded back giving me amazing feedback on my blog and even giving me some suggestions for it. From then on we formed a bond and she’s been in my corner! I am truly grateful for all of her support and tips. I love you Lisa! Cherese of Afrophire has truly been an angel! I came across her Instagram page and I immediately started following her blog at the time which is now an online magazine. She has always been a supporter of mine as I am a huge fan of her online magazine. She even thought so highly of me that she made me the Style & Beauty Contributor in August and it has been an amazing experience! I love you Cherese!

5. Bloggers support other bloggers! I have experienced nothing but love since blogging. However, the blogging world can be shady sometimes because not all bloggers are not willing to help or support others. But for the most part I have seen my fellow bloggers supporting one another!

6. There is always room for growth and learning in the blogging world! I want my blog to continue to grow, so I read a lot of material and do much reading on this industry as possible. I know that great things are in store for my blog but I have to work at it in order for it to be better.

My first year of blogging taught me so much! I also learned a lot about myself as well. I am grateful for every experience that I went through in my first year, because I have seen progress from when I started up until now. Yes, I still have a lot to learn, but I have loved every minute of my first year of blogging!


Hi loves!

I’ve been MIA due to me being sick ALL last week! It was ABSOLUTELY dreadful. I haven’t been that sick in so long and I am so happy that I feeling better.

I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful time of the year! Hopefully you all didn’t procrastinate on Christmas shopping like I did! I’m usually done by now, but I digress.

Of course I will share my Christmas ensemble with you all and a recap of my day. I hope that all of you have a super FABULOUS Christmas!


Recap: My weekend…

Hi loves! I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Friday: I did some Christmas shopping with my mommy and my aunt! I failed to take pictures of my look, which I loved! I hate it when I do that! However, I will be wearing that look again soon that you all can see it LOL

Saturday: I was babysitting for most of the day! My outfit consisted of a pair of destroyed jeans, a simple t-shirt, and my favorite oh-so comfy cardigan sweater. I decided not take pictures of my look because it was nothing too special about it!

Sunday: I went to church then I spent the rest of my day relaxing and reading. My look was pairing something old with something new! Side note: If only that green cord wasn’t in my pictures! I loved my bun too! 

IMG_3411Blazer: Sears | Dress: Target | Boots: Rack Room | Necklace: Gifted | Watch: Marc Jacobs




My casual wear…

Hi loves!

I know I said that I would not have any posts for you all this week, but yesterday I took a little break from studying to go shopping with my mom and my aunt. I was only going out for a few hours and I did not feel like getting dressed up. So, I threw on whatever I spotted in my closet first! Side note: I decided to wear sneakers and I do not wear them often, but I absolutely love Chucks and Keds! 

IMG_3381Jacket: Michael Kors | Shirt: Cotton On | Scarf: Gifted | Jeans & Purse: Target | Sneakers: Chucks



Hi loves! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!

I have finals this week, so my days will consist of studying! More than likely I will not have any posts for you this week. However, I promise that I will be back in action the following week! I hope all of you have a fabulous week!

Remember this…



As of recently I have been completely obsessed with capes! In one of my recent posts (HERE) I wore a cape that I had gotten for Christmas two years ago and that was actually my second or third time wearing it. Now, I can’t seem to get enough of it! I wore it on Black Friday and it was sooooo comfortable! I purchased one last Friday and of course I am on the hunt for more!

I would definitely consider capes to be statement pieces that you need in your closet! In my opinion they will never go out of style! They are super comfortable and you can dress them up or down, which is definitely what I love about them.



A few options…

Cotton On | ASOS | Zara | Nordstrom | Amazon | Nasty Gal