OOTD: Wednesday’s look…

Hi loves!

Ya’ll this has been one of those weeks! I am SO ready for the weekend! On another note Scandal comes back on tonight… YASSSSSSSSS! Anyways, my look for Wednesday was a look that I put together in my head, but I had never actually worn it. So, when I went to find something to wear this outfit popped in my head and I absolutely loved this look.

IMG_3911Sweater: JCPenny’s | Denim shirt: Wal-Mart | Jeans: Levi’s | Flats: Target | Necklace: Gifted





10 facts about me…

Hi ya’ll!

This weekend I was totally swamped from my second week of classes! I had no desire to do anything this weekend either. Therefore my attire for the weekend was comfy and definitely not fashionable at all! To be honest I was not pressed to get all dressed up or even look cute. As much as I like getting all dolled up, sometimes I have moments where I simply do not want to. However, I made an exception on Saturday, because my parents and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants. But still my outfit was nothing too special. Anyways, since I don’t have any outfits to share with you all this weekend I decided to do a facts post. I love doing these, because I get to share more with all of you! 

1. I love orange juice!

2. I am obsessed with statement necklaces! If you’ve noticed in my posts I rarely wear an outfit without one.

3. I hate driving! Anytime I can be chauffeured I absolutely love it.

4. Target is my favorite store! I can spend hours in there. I go to the one near my house so often that one of the cashiers knows me by face! I always go through her line too. Over the summer I would go in there almost everyday after work. Target can do no wrong in my eyes!

5. Vanilla yogurt with granola is one of my favorite snacks!

6. I hate cooking! My mother and all of the women in my family can throw down in the kitchen! I on the other hand was not blessed with that talent. Don’t get me wrong though I can cook a little bit, but I find it to be so boring. I have a few things that I can cook really well though. However, this year I promised myself that I would learn to cook really well with the help of my mommy.

7. I’m not a fan of talking on the phone. However, I do have a few people that I can talk on the phone to for hours.

8. After college I plan on moving to New York. I love absolutely love NYC! Of course the shopping is amazing, great food, and everything else that is wonderful about that fabulous place.

9. The Loft is my new favorite store! Their sale rack is bananas! Trust me.

10. I love fairs or festivals! Ever year in my city of Virginia Beach we have a huge fair called The Strawberry Festival. It has been a tradition in my family that we go every year. The food is always phenomenal! That is one time during the year when I allow myself to eat everything that my heart desires!

Trench coats…

trench coats

As of lately I have been obsessed with trench coats! When I say obsessed, I mean like CRAZY obsessed! I NEED ONE! I will be on a serious hunt for the next few weeks to find one or two, because I won’t be satisfied until I find the perfect one. Also, my 21st birthday is in a few weeks and I want a fierce one to go with my birthday ensemble! I was pleasantly surprised when I was browsing online and I found that Forever 21 has some super cute ones! I was just in there this past weekend and I did not seen any in there. Anyways, trench coats are super sophisticated and will always be a classic item that everyone needs in their closet. I mean seriously, what’s not to love about a trench coat! Although I am not a fan of coats or jackets, but I will ALWAYS make an exception for a fabulous trench coat!

Forever 21 | Zara | Macy’s |  Shop Style | Express | Nordstrom | ASOS | Urban Outfitters

Recap: My weekend…

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing my weekend was! My best friend came to visit me and it was EVERYTHING! We hadn’t seen each other in two years (We live a couple of hours from each other), but due to our busy schedules, and due to life just taking its course we just hadn’t gotten to see each other. However, we talk every single day from the time we get up until we go to sleep! We talk to each other on FaceTime a million times a day! We met our freshman year in college, but we ended up transferring to different schools after the first semester. We remained close no matter what. When we first met each other we just instantly clicked and we’ve been close ever since! A quote that describes us best is… “Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest. It’s about who came, and never left your side.” This weekend went by entirely too fast, but I enjoyed every moment of it!





My looks from this weekend…


IMG_3749Sweater & necklace: JCPenny’s | Jeans & flats: Target




IMG_3770Blanket scarf (worn as cape): Cotton On | Denim shirt: Wal-Mart | Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Stein Mart | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Necklace: JCPenny’s




IMG_3789Sweater: Cotton On | Pants: Kohl’s | Flats: Target | Necklace: JCPenny’s | Watch: Marc Jacobs



Why did I start blogging?


What was once a dream is now a reality…

I thought about creating my own blog for a longtime, but I was unsure of where to start, and honestly I was scared. I wasn’t sure if people would like my blog or if they would even read it. However, no matter how hard I tried the dream of creating my own blog would not go away. Side note: When a dream or passion is placed inside of you and you can’t seem to stop thinking about it, God placed it there for a reason. Do NOT let fear keep you from reaching your dreams and potential. If God placed it there He will make sure that it comes to fruition. So, finally one night while I was having a conversation with my mom and my aunt, they asked me what was keeping me from having my own blog. As soon as they asked me that I got up and locked my self in my room for a few hours, and began searching how to create my blog. Before the night was over The Always Fabulous was created. It was one of the best decisions that I ever made!

Blogging has changed my life in ways that I never imagined! Not only is my blog my passion, but it is something that I can’t imagine my life without. My blog gives me a chance to share what I love the most with others. I am proud of my blog, because I created it on my own without the help of anyone. I have seen the growth of my blog from the beginning up until now and I am so grateful for it. I love doing this and I know that great things are in store for my blog!

All in all, when you finally go after your dreams and goals it is the BEST feeling ever. For a longtime I kept putting off creating my blog and dismissing the fact that it was the only thing that I would be thinking about most of the time. When I FINALLY surrendered and went after my dream that God placed in my heart so many doors opened. My blog was created when I finally kicked fear to the curb!

Don’t let fear keep you from reaching your goals or what you desire. Stop letting fear hinder you. GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS.

A new semester…

Today is the first day of my spring classes! I’m SO excited about getting closer to graduation… one more year! THANK GOD!  At the beginning of this school year I had a list of resolutions (HERE) that I created for myself. However, I neglected some of them, so I am only focusing on things that I struggled with last semester.

Goals for this semester:

1. Blogging: I will definitely be planning my posts for the week ahead of time! This will make my life SO much easier! Also, I will be making sure that I have at least three posts a week for all of you.

2. Working out/meal prep: Last semester I did absolutely horrible with working out! I will be working out at least three times a week. I will also be doing meal prep on Sunday or Monday afternoon, so that will keep me from grabbing fast food and ensure that I am eating proper meals. I am trying to lose weight and I know that it will take much discipline, but I will not be making an excuses!

I hope that all of you starting classes tomorrow has a FABULOUS semester!

Always remember this…