A new semester…

Today is the first day of my spring classes! I’m SO excited about getting closer to graduation… one more year! THANK GOD!  At the beginning of this school year I had a list of resolutions (HERE) that I created for myself. However, I neglected some of them, so I am only focusing on things that I struggled with last semester.

Goals for this semester:

1. Blogging: I will definitely be planning my posts for the week ahead of time! This will make my life SO much easier! Also, I will be making sure that I have at least three posts a week for all of you.

2. Working out/meal prep: Last semester I did absolutely horrible with working out! I will be working out at least three times a week. I will also be doing meal prep on Sunday or Monday afternoon, so that will keep me from grabbing fast food and ensure that I am eating proper meals. I am trying to lose weight and I know that it will take much discipline, but I will not be making an excuses!

I hope that all of you starting classes tomorrow has a FABULOUS semester!

Always remember this…



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