Trench coats…

trench coats

As of lately I have been obsessed with trench coats! When I say obsessed, I mean like CRAZY obsessed! I NEED ONE! I will be on a serious hunt for the next few weeks to find one or two, because I won’t be satisfied until I find the perfect one. Also, my 21st birthday is in a few weeks and I want a fierce one to go with my birthday ensemble! I was pleasantly surprised when I was browsing online and I found that Forever 21 has some super cute ones! I was just in there this past weekend and I did not seen any in there. Anyways, trench coats are super sophisticated and will always be a classic item that everyone needs in their closet. I mean seriously, what’s not to love about a trench coat! Although I am not a fan of coats or jackets, but I will ALWAYS make an exception for a fabulous trench coat!

Forever 21 | Zara | Macy’s |  Shop Style | Express | Nordstrom | ASOS | Urban Outfitters


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