10 facts about me…

Hi ya’ll!

This weekend I was totally swamped from my second week of classes! I had no desire to do anything this weekend either. Therefore my attire for the weekend was comfy and definitely not fashionable at all! To be honest I was not pressed to get all dressed up or even look cute. As much as I like getting all dolled up, sometimes I have moments where I simply do not want to. However, I made an exception on Saturday, because my parents and I went out to dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants. But still my outfit was nothing too special. Anyways, since I don’t have any outfits to share with you all this weekend I decided to do a facts post. I love doing these, because I get to share more with all of you! 

1. I love orange juice!

2. I am obsessed with statement necklaces! If you’ve noticed in my posts I rarely wear an outfit without one.

3. I hate driving! Anytime I can be chauffeured I absolutely love it.

4. Target is my favorite store! I can spend hours in there. I go to the one near my house so often that one of the cashiers knows me by face! I always go through her line too. Over the summer I would go in there almost everyday after work. Target can do no wrong in my eyes!

5. Vanilla yogurt with granola is one of my favorite snacks!

6. I hate cooking! My mother and all of the women in my family can throw down in the kitchen! I on the other hand was not blessed with that talent. Don’t get me wrong though I can cook a little bit, but I find it to be so boring. I have a few things that I can cook really well though. However, this year I promised myself that I would learn to cook really well with the help of my mommy.

7. I’m not a fan of talking on the phone. However, I do have a few people that I can talk on the phone to for hours.

8. After college I plan on moving to New York. I love absolutely love NYC! Of course the shopping is amazing, great food, and everything else that is wonderful about that fabulous place.

9. The Loft is my new favorite store! Their sale rack is bananas! Trust me.

10. I love fairs or festivals! Ever year in my city of Virginia Beach we have a huge fair called The Strawberry Festival. It has been a tradition in my family that we go every year. The food is always phenomenal! That is one time during the year when I allow myself to eat everything that my heart desires!


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