Recap: My weekend…

I truly enjoyed my weekend! After having a rough weekend I spending time with my friends and loved ones was definitely what I needed.

Friday: My friend Gabby and I went to Richmond to celebrate our friends 21st birthday. It was such a good time! I loved my entire look, but I failed to capture it. However, that just means that I will totally be repeating the look, because I loved it so much!



Saturday: I celebrated my aunts engagement at her and my future uncles engagement party! It was such a fabulous affair and I am so happy that my aunt found a wonderful man that loves her just as much as I do. Side note: Yes, I am a repeat offender, because I wore this sweater a few weeks ago (HERE)! Also, my pants are blue, but they look black in some of the pictures. Oh well! 

IMG_3988Sweater: Cotton On | Pants: Target | Necklace: Forever 21 | Pumps: Nine West | Watch: Movado




IMG_3970(left to right): Me, Aunt Glenda, Aunt Kisha (engaged), Mommy

Sunday: I went to church with then I spent the day with my family. That is usually how my Sundays go when I go home though. Side note: That morning I was unsure if I was going to go to church, but it was mainly because I was being lazy. However, I am so glad that I decided to go, because the message was awesome! It was exactly what I needed! As I stated before last week was rough for me and that message was reminder that God always shows up when you need Him the most. Due to me deciding to go to church at the last minute I grabbed what I saw first in my closet. I loved this look too!

IMG_3993Blazer: JCPenny’s | Shirt: TJ Maxx | Pants & Clutch: Target | Necklace: Forever 21 | Pumps: Nine West









7 thoughts on “Recap: My weekend…

  1. Minister Jeanie Shepard says:

    Hi MaRae, I hope that you had a great time celebrating your birthday! Happy Birthday again. I believe that you know that I am Cherese’s mother. We are great fans of yours (in case you didn’t know). The photo’s are beautiful! And your family looks so happy. I’m happy that you stepped out and went to church, on the days that you don’t fill like it are usually the day when God has planned a message just for you, but satan doesn’t want you to receive it. Well I will be getting notices of your articles now, so expect me to come over, read it, and leave a comment. Thanks MaRae and again Have a Happy Birthday!! 🙂

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