Purchasing soon: Beauty products…

Hi loves!

I’ve been snowed-in for the last few days therefore I have been super lazy! However, I have enjoyed my classes being cancelled, sleeping, and reading. I love the snow, but all I have been doing for the last few days is snacking!  So, I am definitely ready for all of this snow to melt, so that I can get out of my apartment!

I am always trying new beauty products, but it dawned on me that I never share with you all. That is so silly of me! So, now I will definitely be sharing any products that I have tried or am interested in trying.

The products that are pictured are items that I will be purchasing soon. I have heard great things about all of them, but I want to try them for myself! I know for sure that I will be trying out one and five very soon, because I would more than likely be using them on a daily.

beauty products 2


1. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | 2. Simple Soothing Facial Scrub | 3. NYX – The Curve Eyeliner

4. Smashbox – Photo Finish Water Primer | 5. Sephora – Cream Lip Stain | 6. They’re Real Mascara

If any of you use or have used any of these products please let know how you like them!


9 thoughts on “Purchasing soon: Beauty products…

  1. justaise says:

    That curved eyeliner though…I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I feel like that does wonders. I want to try it especially since me and eyeliners don’t always get along. And you’re so lucky, it’s always snowing here, but not enough to cancel classes. I need a day off – culturedmisprint.blogspot.com

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