Natural hair woes…


Ya’ll. I can’t even begin to explain how annoyed I am with my hair. No matter how many twist-outs, bantu knots, or twist-n-curls I do my hair will not cooperate with me. It has gotten to the point where I haven’t even bothered doing anything to my hair for the past few nights. I’ve worn my hair in a messy puff for the last few days and kept it moving. I am getting a protective style next week and I can’t freaking wait. This might sound shallow, but when my hair will not cooperate with me, I just do not feel right. Say whatever you want, but that is just me.

Here’s a few tips when dealing with crazy hair…

1. Try a protective style. They are an easy way to allow your hair time to get it together while you do not have to be bothered with it. A few protective style options are braids, updo’s, weaves, or a fabulous wig!

2. Maybe you’re in need of a trim. Sometimes when you’re hair won’t cooperate with you it could possibly mean that you are due for a trim. I get my hair trimmed every three months and once I get one my hair is back in business.

3. Be daring and try something new! Try a sassy new cut or color! Sometimes you need change and getting a sassy cut or getting highlights might do the trick.

4. Always remember that healthy hair is most important! As long as you give your the TLC that it needs then it will grow! Eating right, taking your vitamins, and drinking lots of water also plays a role in your hair growth!


6 thoughts on “Natural hair woes…

  1. yourstrulymia says:

    NO SAY IT GIRL. i’m the same exact way! when my hair is off, i am DEFINITELY off! i’m always like “is that bad that i feel that way” haha but it’s true! love you. this is a really great post!

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