Aveeno & Cetaphil moisturizers…

aveeno and cetaphil

 Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer | Aveeno Ulta Calming Daily Moisturizer

I’ve talked about skincare a little bit, but not as much as I should being that I am skincare maniac! Taking care of your skin is very important and having a great skincare regimen is the key to having great skin. However, when it comes down to your skincare regimen it is all about finding out what works for you. Side note: I will be doing a post all about my skincare regimen very soon! It will also include the products I use for any blemishes too! I am not going to flaunt and say that I have flawless skin, because I don’t. Yes, I have a few blemishes, but I am totally comfortable going without makeup! Also, never be uncomfortable about having a few blemishes on your face, because no one has flawless or perfect skin! Imperfections ARE what makes us beautiful and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! If you feel that your face needs a little more TLC do not be afraid or hesitate to see a dermatologist. I see an excellent dermatologist that helps keep my skin healthy!

I am very particular about what moisturizer I use on my face being that I have naturally oily skin. When it came down to me changing my moisturizers I had to make sure that I picked one that would help control my oily skin whether I wore makeup or not. Most importantly I had to make sure that it was not too thick or heavy, so that I could keep wearing the same one throughout all of the seasons. The two moisturizers that I live by are Aveeno Ultra Calming daily moisturizer and Cetaphil Oil Control moisturizer.

I use both of them, because they both collectively work wonders for my skin. I use Cetaphil Oil Control moisturizer in the morning especially when I wear make up, because it gives my skin a matte look all day long without having to reapply powder to my face due to oiliness. I wear Aveeno Ulta Calming moisturizer at night after I wash all of my makeup off.

Both of these items can be purchased from any of your local drug stores and the prices of them ranges depending on the store. I usually purchase mine from Target, because they have them on sale quite frequently. However, when I do not purchase them on sale Aveeno Ultra Calming is $13.59 and Cetaphil Oil Control is $13.49. Both of these bottles usually last me up to six months and a little longer even with me using them twice a day.

I think that the price for both of them is great, but I can only speak for myself. It all depends on what you are willing to pay for your skincare products. However, I can definitely say that both of them are worth every penny! Honestly I consider any skincare products less than $25 to be reasonable. If they are over that amount you better believe that I am doing major research on them and checking out reviews (LOL)! I do also believe that if you want good results with your skin sometimes you have to be willing spend a little more of your coins!


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