Lesson #256: Some things are sweet.

I so love this…

My dear friend Mia is just everything. Everyone who comes in contact with her is truly blessed, because she has such a presence and a sweet spirit.

A Year of Lessons.


I still think it’s incredible how feelings can re-emerge, even after a number of years.

Maybe I don’t have much of a lesson to offer today, just a realization.

Some things are sweet. They are sacred to you in some way, and for some reason. And maybe—not for any reason at all.

It’s almost as if the sweetness is preserved by time. The gaps between goodbyes and hellos hang thick, but when it’s taken out of the jar it’s spread thin, clear as day. The consistency is just a little heavy at first, naturally, from all that time just… sitting. But after what seems like only a small moment, everything becomes easy again. Everything seems brand new; never opened.

It’s a treat.

Their presence, your time with them—it’s special. You don’t get it very often. Time and distance has separated you. And that’s just how life goes sometimes (and…

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