Lesson #259: Recycle the happy.

Pure greatness once again from my lovely friend Mia!

Growing up my parents always told me that kind words go a long way, because you never know how your words can impact someone’s day. That has always stuck with me!

A Year of Lessons.


Never forfeit a chance to tell someone how special they are to you, or how much they mean to you, or how much you love them.

People tend to reserve these moments for when someone has done something, or when they need something. People save their gratefulness and appreciation and praise for big moments, when really, it’s the small ones that possibly can mean the most.

Not just to you—but to them as well.

I have a new rule.

If someone does something that makes you happy, or says something that really meant a lot to you, tell them.

Catch them off guard.

Tell them how much it made your day.

Don’t just think it to yourself. Like, what a waste of a thought. Share the joy that they gave you. Give the joy back.

If a friend compliments you, text them later that day and tell them how great…

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