Summer vacation…


I have been missing in action a little this week, because I leave for Orlando, Florida on tomorrow night! I have been packing and getting last minute things together for my vacation. Next week I will not have any new posts for you all, but all of the action will be taking place on Instagram! I will be sharing all of my looks and other things as well!

Ya’ll! I am SO ready for this vacation! These last two weeks have been challenging, so this vacation is exactly what I need. I can’t wait to spend time with my family and relax.

Also, be sure to check out Instagram next week! I hope next week is amazing for all of you!


Recap: My weekend…

I enjoyed every minute of last weekend! On Saturday I spent the day in Richmond (Virginia) with my best friend and our mothers. My best friend and I hadn’t seen each other since January, which seemed like forever! She’s my person and just gets me. If you watch Grey’s Anatomy then you totally understand what I’m saying!

We took SO many pictures on Saturday, but this was the only one that captured my entire look! Side note: I am totally obsessed with any and everything off the shoulder! I will be doing a post about all of my off the shoulder looks in a few weeks.

IMG_5842Top & Jeans: Target | Sandals: Marshall’s | Necklace: Gifted | Earrings: Wal-Mart








Having pieces in your wardrobe that you can pair with several things is key! I say that all the time, because I see no point in having items that I can only wear with certain items. I don’t know about you, but I like to get my money’s worth out of my clothes. Kimonos are an essential part to my summer wardrobe, because they are lightweight and you can pair them with a lot. They can be dressed up or down, as they are in both looks pictured. The second look was one of my favorite outfits from last summer (HERE)! 

Kimonos are fun, stylish and an easy way to jazz up your summer style! I’ve purchased some of mine from Cotton On, TJ Maxx, and JCPenny’s. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase one or two, I promise!

Details on the first look…

IMG_5542Kimono: JCPenny’s | Dress: Cotton On | Necklace: Charlotte Russe | Sandals: TJ Maxx


White jeans…

One of my favorite items for summer is white jeans! I found this pair at Target a few years ago and I will never get rid of them. NEVER! They fit perfectly and they have a little bit of stretch to them, which is perfect because I’ve gained some weight.

I’ve always liked pairing white and beige together for some reason. It just looks so good to me! So I paired the jeans with my new beige off the shoulder like shirt that I can’t get enough of. I could seriously wear this shirt everyday! You will see these white jeans quite a few times before the summer is over!

IMG_5709Shirt & Wedges: JCPenny’s | White jeans & Bracelet: Target | Lipstick: Milani – Passion




Denim and florals…

Having a simple denim shirt is something that you must have! It can be paired with basically everything! I have worn this denim shirt numerous times on the blog, but I wear it differently every time. It also happens to be one of my favorite shirts. I need some more, but I haven’t been able to find others that I really like. Just know that denim shirts are staple pieces that can be worn with just about anything.

I paired it with a floral dress to give this look some flair! When I initially tried this look on I didn’t really like it. But when put the look together with accessories I fell in love with it!

IMG_5603Denim shirt: Wal Mart | Dress: Cotton On | Necklace: Forever 21 | Gladiator sandals: TJ Maxx  Purse (pictured below): Michael Kors





Blogging break: I’M BACK!



I got my groove back! I am totally feeling myself! I’ve been gone for a month and it feels SO good to be back! Taking a break from blogging was one of the best decisions that I made. I learned so much about myself during that month and I am so grateful.

What did I learn?

1. When you fully surrender yourself to God things will immediately begin to change. When I first took my blogging break I had just started writing in a new journal. It was perfect, because for me it symbolized a fresh start. The first day of my break I wrote an open letter to God telling Him that I was fully surrendering everything to Him. From that moment on my situation changed. My point is you can’t expect God to fix your situation when you’re still trying to control it.

2. Timing is everything! Stop trying to rush your process! Everything happens when it is supposed to. Nothing was happening when I wanted it to, because I kept putting time frames on EVERYTHING. Timing is everything! 

Blog news: 

1. I finally created an Instagram account exclusively for the blog! I wanted to do it for a while, but I kept putting it off. I am so happy that I finally decided to do it! Check it out HERE! I’ll be sharing lots of fabulous stuff there. Be sure to follow me and don’t be shy!

2. New posts will be up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Also, there will be a post all about the outfit in the picture above on Friday!