Blogging break: I’M BACK!



I got my groove back! I am totally feeling myself! I’ve been gone for a month and it feels SO good to be back! Taking a break from blogging was one of the best decisions that I made. I learned so much about myself during that month and I am so grateful.

What did I learn?

1. When you fully surrender yourself to God things will immediately begin to change. When I first took my blogging break I had just started writing in a new journal. It was perfect, because for me it symbolized a fresh start. The first day of my break I wrote an open letter to God telling Him that I was fully surrendering everything to Him. From that moment on my situation changed. My point is you can’t expect God to fix your situation when you’re still trying to control it.

2. Timing is everything! Stop trying to rush your process! Everything happens when it is supposed to. Nothing was happening when I wanted it to, because I kept putting time frames on EVERYTHING. Timing is everything! 

Blog news: 

1. I finally created an Instagram account exclusively for the blog! I wanted to do it for a while, but I kept putting it off. I am so happy that I finally decided to do it! Check it out HERE! I’ll be sharing lots of fabulous stuff there. Be sure to follow me and don’t be shy!

2. New posts will be up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Also, there will be a post all about the outfit in the picture above on Friday!



14 thoughts on “Blogging break: I’M BACK!

    • thealwaysfabulous says:

      Thank you Asa! I’m glad that my words had an impact on you. When we stop trying to control our life and situations that is when God shows up. Thanks for all of your support! You are appreciated! 😘

  1. kelceepowell says:

    Yayyyy so glad to see you’re back! I seriously love journaling, especially when you have so much on your mind, writing is the only way to get everything out. And it’s super awesome to look back at old journal entries and reminisce on all different kinds of events or feelings.

    I’ll definitely be following along on IG too! 😊

  2. yourstrulymia says:

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSS I AM SO EXCITED! and this post is everything, especially #1. really missing you right now. can’t wait to see you in august, i love you the mostis!

  3. Ginger Marie says:

    This post just made me smile! I’m happy for you taking your time to figure things out!! It sounds like it was a great idea!

    I recently went to a church service where my pastor said that everyone on this earth has a purpose and a talent, we just have to find out what our talent is. I struggled with that statement and went home and prayed to God about it. Asking him what my purpose was and why I was here. He IMMEDIATELY reminded me that my purpose was to help people live healthy, happy lives! Ever since then, that’s all I focus on and I feel so much better.

    IDK why I just went on a rant on your page, but I thought I would share haha. Have a blessed day!

    –Ginger Marie

    • thealwaysfabulous says:

      Ginger Marie! I absolutely loved this comment! I’m SO happy that you had your moment with God and surrendered. He allows moments to happen, so that He can get our attention. I’m so happy that you attended church and your pastor said that statement. It was meant for you! I’m thrilled that God reminded you of your purpose! This comment really made my day. I hope you have an amazing week!

  4. heyitskaysways says:

    Welcome back to blogging! I just took 3 weeks off myself too so this post was so timely. Love the return with new inspiration. . #blmgirls

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