Back to school…


Tomorrow I start my senior year of college! SENIOR YEAR. College has gone by entirely too fast! I am going into this school year with a new outlook and a positive mindset. I am super excited for everything that this school year is going to bring me! I am embarking on many endeavors and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that God continues to bless me with! Side note: God is crazy faithful! Sometimes we might not understand the different paths that he allows us to travel, but know that His plan is ALWAYS greater than ours. 

A few school year tips:

  1. Maintain a consistent schedule: Sticking to your daily schedule will keep you organized and allow you to get things done easier.
  2. Get organized: Get a planner or desk calendar! They are VERY necessary. Getting organized will make your life easy!
  3. You don’t run your body. When it tells you to stop,  just do it. You can’t function or let alone get anything done if your body is not working properly.
  4. Make the most of your school year! College is about making amazing memories while, reaching towards your degree. ENJOY IT!

I am wishing all of you an amazing and prosperous school year!


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